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2023 Moose2Goose is now open for registration!

Click on this link to get to the registration form managed by our friends at RaceID.com 

If you follow us on Facebook you'll see the latest information about the race for 2023 and we will share some news and pics until we meet in August on the 12th when the race starts

Moose2Goose Island race is a perfect entry race for you who wants to try out the discipline of Swimrun for the first time or for you who wants to experience the beautiful nature and environment of the inner archipelago of Stockholm. Our motto is that the course works for everyone, it’s not too advanced nor too easy. You can enter as a team of two or in our solo class. The course is approximately 10 km long, spanning over two islands, with at least 5 legs of swimming in open water. The longest swim is 350m and the shortest 50m.

Allowed equipment: Pull buoy, wet suit (long or short) and elastic cord. Floating device must not be larger than 50x50cm. All equipment have to be carried throughout the race, what you start with is what you finish with. If you leave anything behind during the race you will be disqualified.

The race arena is located 20km outside of Stockholm and it’s easy to access by train and bus. You’ll find more information on how to get to Älgö on SL.se